Last SWARM ATH - #106

After TownHall - September, 27

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Discussing ATH Updates

The Last ATH & Catalyst Reflections from Community perspective


⚡ Discussing ATH Updates! Current: ATH Team is stepping back and a new one docking.

❤️‍🔥 Please bring all of your hearts and thoughts on character & improvement! Let's collaborate on the future's tone.

In Today's Breakout Rooms. Join us! :)

Today's Breakout Rooms

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Sala de café

  • Hispanic and Portuguese Speaking Community.
  • Cardano Community

Town Hall Check-In

  • Allison Fromm, Stephanie King & Darlington Wleh
  • +info

    Check-in for tonight's Town Hall and build your secure Cardano online reputation. Stop by this breakout room and quickly scan the QR code with the ProofSpace app. Receive an Verifiable Credential powered by Atala PRISM attesting to your attendance, without sharing any personal information. Sponsored by Lido Nation.

Not funded proposers - what to do now?

  • Patrik Suzzi & Seomon Register
  • +info

    Brainstorm the viable options to keep alive the projects that were not funded. Bring your own ideas, and prepare to collaborate.

Autonomous Collaboration

  • Ken Stanton
  • +info

    Just a community discussion about the trade-offs between consensus and freedom to act autonomously when considering the throughput and adaptability of decentralized organizations.

The Last ATH & Catalyst Reflections from Community perspective

  • SWARM Crew
  • +info

    Presenting reflections and observations about the ATH and overall Catalyst Evolutions, marking the end of one of Catalyst oldest upholded traditions.

Open Rooms

  • 3 Extra rooms
  • Cardano Community

    After TownHall

Discover the Power of Community!